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3 Steps to LinkedIn Company Pages That Sizzle

While we all know that LinkedIn.com is the world’s largest professional networking community, there is so much more that a law firm can do in this social utility than just make sure its lawyers have profiles (though that is of critical importance). Can you say, “Company pages?”

At their most basic level, LinkedIn.com Company pages offer law firms a convenient way to show strengths and breadth. The recent revision of the LinkedIn Company page makes it a bona fide broadcast channel that reaches throughout the LinkedIn universe and appears prominently in search engine results.  With an understanding of the components of company pages, firms can create an extension of their website’s brand with visual impact and narrative detail that enhances the firm’s reputation.

1. Take Ownership of Your Company Page

Your first step in making a better appearance for your law firm is to become a page manager. If you don’t currently have a company page, LinkedIn.com offers a quick video on how to begin.

2. Add Targeted Content

Firm Overview: When you create your Company page, you’ll have the opportunity to include a description of your law firm. Make it engaging! Don’t copy and paste blurbs from your website and don’t list all your practices (there’s a better place for that we’ll talk about)! Instead, describe the clients you serve, how you serve them and what benefits your firm will provide. Be succinct and surprising. On your Company page Overview tab, only the top portion of your company description will be visible. Concentrate your most interesting text in this area in order to maximize this real estate.

Specialties: Include the key practice niches of your company in the designated “specialties” area and use language here that will resonate with your targets. If you are engaging in search engine optimization on your website, be sure that the keyword phrases appear regularly in your LinkedIn.com company description.

3. Upload a Memorable Banner Image

Company pages can include banner graphics like those on Facebook and Google+. Take advantage of this opportunity to visually expand on your brand’s personality and promise.

DLA Piper takes advantage of how easy it is to upload the LinkedIn banner ad, and recently updated theirs with a holiday greeting. DLA Piper LinkedIn Company Graphic
Fenwick & West uses its banner as an online billboard, announcing a recent recognition.  Fenwick & West LinkedIn Company Graphic
Cooley created a photomontage with its banner, including some photos that represent its technical focus.  Cooley LinkedIn Company Graphic


How to upload the image: Upload your image (646 x 222 pixels) by clicking the blue “Edit Page” button in the upper right of your company page. Scroll down to “Image,” click “Edit,” select “Choose File” and “Upload.” Voila!