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Training & Coaching

Law firm retreats can be a boring way to lose a weekend with the family, or they can be a refreshing readjustment of your outlook on your firm, your partners and your practice. Either way, a retreat consumes time and resources.

We work with law firms to ensure their retreat investment pays off. From simply conducting one or two of our programs at breakout sessions, or designing and leading an entire retreat, we bring 15 years of experience in working with attorneys and understanding their needs and expectations.

Our interactive law firm retreat presentations last from 90 minutes to 180 minutes. Past programs have included:

  • Lawyers Online: A Guide to the Road Ahead
  • How to Work A Digital Room
  • Market Right For Your Type
  • Finding Your Niche: Differentiating Your Practice In a Competitive Landscape
  • Active Listening: The Key to Cross-selling and Business Development
  • Successful Styles for Practice Development

In addition to discrete programs, Amy Knapp designs and leads dynamic and interactive one-day and two-day law firm retreats on business development topics, strategic marketing planning and team building.

Amy is certified to administer the WorkPlace Big Five, a personality assessment tool based on the NEO five-factor model. She regularly leads off-site and in-office programs for litigation departments, mid-size firms and partner retreats utilizing the WorkPlace assessment with all participants for the purpose of team building and business development.

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