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Integrated Marketing

Knapp’s Integrated Marketing approach ensures that the law firm’s message, brand, and strategic direction work in tandem to maximize every marketing opportunity.

Whether you are sponsorshing a conference, hosting a CLE program, or completing a Chambers submission, every action your firm takes is an opportunity to communicate its brand and solidify a place in the minds of your clients and prospects. Firms achieve this by taking an integrated marketing approach, and without one firms communicate inconsistent and confusing messages.

Most important to a law firm, an integrated marketing approach creates consistentcy throughout the firm, leveraging the firm’s strengths and displaying a united front . Most important to the audience, an integrated marketing approach promotes a well-defined, consistent brand that communicates confidence and trust while elimninating the “guess work” for anyone getting to know your firm.

Some of the integrated marketing tactics we manage for law firms include:

  • Chambers and ranking submissions
  • Client feedback interviews
  • Event strategy and execution, including CLEs
  • Ads, sponsorships and conference attendance
  • Anniversary celebrations
  • Content and social media campaigns
  • Email marketing, including client alerts and newsletters
  • Lateral integration
  • Writing

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