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Practice Development

Having a niche practice means that an attorney, practice group, or firm has honed in on a narrow specialty within a larger practice. Our favorite definition of the word niche is “a place to stand,” and that is a good way to think of developing a niche law practice. When you choose to narrow your focus, you define a place that is yours to grow into, to be known for, and to deeply explore and master. 

The trick is to develop a niche law practice in an upwardly trending area of law and to plant your flag as a leading expert in that field. Done right, a niche practice becomes your way to capitalize on trends in society or business that affect your clients.

Knapp Marketing has developed a hands-on program that both teaches the fundamentals of niche practice development and helps you focus in on the specific niche that best fits your practice.

For specific information on our law firm niche practice development coaching and half-day, luncheon and attorney retreat training options please call Amy at 202-669-6273.

Niche Practice Development

Identifying and Defining the Perfect Niche Leads to Nationwide Recognition

Client: Our client left an Am Law 50 firm with a vision: he wanted to combine the sophistication of a large organization with the personalized service of a small firm. From his previous work with large firms he had already established a strong reputation as a litigator in federal investigations, and he had also begun to develop a passion for and a client base in online business, including online gaming.

Need: This attorney wanted to identify a niche practice which would allow him to capitalize on his twin strengths: representing clients both in internet-related businesses and those facing federal government enforcement actions. The niche needed to set the new law firm apart from the crowded competitive marketplace while still giving it room to grow and expand well into the future.

Result: Through competitive and industry analysis and our intensive Needs Assessment process, Knapp identified Online Gaming as a viable niche. Although the choice initially appeared hyper-focused, it proved prescient: over the past eight years both the online gaming industry and this law firm’s clientele have grown exponentially. Knapp supported the client as he became a major thought leader in this area: a frequent speaker at industry conferences and in the mass media, he has also authored numerous articles, and the law firm website now hosts a seminal legal blog on the law pertaining to online gaming. With the expansion of the industry, the law firm’s practice grew to encompass ancillary areas important to online gaming clients: data privacy and cyber security, affiliate advertising and internet marketing, and payment processing. Knapp has further supported the firm’s efforts by helping to create a trade association for leaders in the iGaming industry. Our client has now received national recognition six years in a row in the prestigious Chambers USA rankings for his Gaming practice, and the law firm which began eight years ago with just one person now boasts 12 attorneys and a multimillion dollar practice.

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