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Practice Development

Having a niche practice means that an attorney, practice group, or firm has honed in on a narrow specialty within a larger practice. Our favorite definition of the word niche is “a place to stand,” and that is a good way to think of developing a niche practice. When you choose to narrow your focus, you define a place that is yours to grow into, to be known for, and to deeply explore and master. 

The trick is to develop a niche practice in an upwardly trending area of law and to plant your flag as a leading expert in that field. Done right, a niche practice becomes your way to capitalize on trends in society or business that affect your clients.

Knapp Marketing has developed a hands-on program that both teaches the fundamentals of niche practice development and helps you focus in on the specific niche that best fits your practice.

For specific information on our niche practice development coaching and half-day, luncheon and retreat training options please call Amy at 202-669-6273.