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Lauren Orsini is a web content strategist, blogger, and journalist. A digital native, Lauren excels at creating compelling content and implementing digital strategies which drive traffic towards that content. She understands innately what attracts readers, and she is skilled at using the latest search engine optimization techniques in addition to creating eye-catching headlines and titles which increase audiences on our clients’ sites. 

Lauren supports law firms by drafting compelling, SEO-friendly blog posts and articles, conducting media relations and outreach, and providing strategic counsel on the most up-to-date digital marketing and social media tactics. Adept at coding and design, she swiftly translates lawyers’ ideas into successful digital content.
A graduate of the University of Mary Washington with a degree in English, Lauren then received her Masters in Print Journalism at American University in Washington, DC . A regular contributor to Forbes, her articles have also appeared on ReadWrite, CNN, PBS, the Daily Dot, and numerous other outlets, plus she has written and contributed to several books.

How to be the Lawyer Who Reporters Call

Every day the media issues a barrage of stories about congressional investigations, executive orders, tax reform and federal indictments, and lawyers are in hot demand to give perspective and commentary on breaking news. However, it can be hard to break …
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