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Trend + Niche: How to Beat the Competition to the Next Premium Practice of Law

Having a niche practice means that an attorney (or practice group, or firm) has honed in on a narrow specialty within a larger practice.   The trick is to develop a niche practice in an upwardly trending area of law and to plant your flag as a leading expert in that field. Throughout history, trends have presented both the greatest opportunities and greatest risk for businesses and professionals.  Spotting and acting on emerging trends is how successful companies have always captured market share and spurred innovation. This presentation demonstrates how lawyers — led by their marketers — can take a page from their book.

In this interactive program, Amy teaches participants how she works with firms to develop niche practices of law, with examples from small mid-size and large firms.  Then she provides an engaging overview of global and national trends.  Participants break into teams and use game cards to match practices to trends and compete with one another to develop the best next new practice of law.