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Hilgers Graben is a ten-year-old law firm that has made a niche for itself by delivering legal services to corporations in new and cost-effective ways.

Knapp Marketing worked with Hilgers Graben to make sure that the firm’s innovative attitude is front and center to its brand. With bold colors and fonts, the brand feels young, dynamic, and technology-focused, all the better to appeal to its target audience: the general counsel of corporations who are under pressure to deliver quality safe legal solutions.

Founder Mike Hilgers is passionate and articulate about “geographic arbitrage,” the cost-saving measure the firm has pioneered. In this innovative process, the company brings highly credentialed attorneys from major cities to live and work at its headquarters in affordable Lincoln, Nebraska where they pass on the savings of its lower cost of living to their clients. Knapp worked with the firm to create a number of videos in which Mike explains this concept in powerful and convincing detail for the firm’s website and social media channels.

The dynamic brand that Knapp Marketing created for Hilgers Graben follows the firm everywhere it appears online, carrying over from the website to all of its social media properties. Bright colors, including vibrant orange, direct your attention to the firm’s mission statement, results, and most important statistics. The result is a high-contrast, modern look that reflects the firm’s youthful, forward-looking culture and brand.