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Our Work



Knapp Marketing designed a website refresh for this New York City-based dispute resolution law firm that provides first-tier commercial litigation, international arbitration advice, and representation from a more economical and flexible platform. We wanted to highlight the firm’s well-established reputation with bold, contemporary visuals.


We worked closely with Chaffetz Lindsey throughout the design process to guide a final look that is both true to the firm’s values and a beautiful, streamlined experience for clients. By looking to the firm’s office artwork and decor, we merged the website’s look with the atmosphere of Chaffetz Lindsey’s physical presence. The result is a mobile-first website that looks and works great on any digital device or screen size.


The core of our design focuses on Chaffetz Lindsey’s greatest asset—its team. Our individual attorney biographies function as microsites, bringing each team member’s accomplishments, specialties, and press into one convenient central hub. We opted for strong imagery and classic, serif font choices to put the attorneys and their achievements at center stage.

Visit the Chaffetz Lindsey website.