Heather Davis

Heather’s experience as Managing Editor of Best Lawyers gave her unparalleled access to the key decision-makers in the legal industry – from AmLaw 200 managing and marketing partners to their general counsel clientele. That perspective is invaluable as she supports Knapp Marketing clients in areas ranging from competitive analysis, social media presence and increasing their standing in rankings and directories.

Heather plays a key role in disseminating client information through social media outlets, enhancing our clients’ online visibility, and conducting detailed research and analysis of their social media presence. She plays a central role in Knapp’s research and analysis projects, bringing an impressive level of focus and detail orientation that ensures our analyses are accurate and reliable.

Throughout all of her work, Heather applies her strong editorial and presentation skills. She approaches editing with the audience in mind, reviewing the content with an eye towards how it will translate to the end user. She also uses this approach in projects involving instructional design, presentation materials, instructional booklets and brochures.


Chambers USA: 4 Changes for This Year’s Submissions

deadline clockAPRIL 29, 2016
It’s that time of year all legal marketers love to hate: Chambers season!  Editor, Laura Mills recently released three changes to the usual submission process, which we recap here.  In addition, we’ve added a few pointers for a less painful Chambers season….Read the full article →