Whether your firm is interested in raising its profile through local legal rankings or gaining entry to sought-after national rankings like Chambers, Knapp Marketing understands what it takes to develop a rankings strategy and write successful submissions. With 10 years of experience with the Chambers Guides, and many years developing submissions for an array of other publications, we help take the hassle and guesswork out of rankings for law firms.

Chambers Submissions

We’ve yet to meet a legal marketer who enjoys the Chambers submission process, but we have met many who’ve thanked us for helping them to better manage theirs. For firms that are ready to take control of their Chambers workload, we offer three solutions.

1. Chambers Assessment and Strategic Recommendations
Has your firm been so overwhelmed with simply meeting Chambers’ deadlines that you haven’t been able to take a step back and look at the bigger picture of your Chambers strategy? If so, you are not alone. Many firms in this situation turn to Knapp for our Chambers Assessment and Strategic Recommendations.

We research the firm’s internal processes and external results, challenges and goals related to Chambers. We also benchmark firms against their competitors and take the firm’s strategic plan into consideration. After a thorough analysis of this information, we present targeted, actionable recommendations related to not only improving your process, but also improving your Chambers rankings.

2. Chambers Manual
How does your marketing team manage Chambers? Is there a formal process in place? Many firms do not document the processes used by staff to create and manage submissions. Nor do they have a central repository for Chambers’ tips and best practices, which means that your firm’s Chambers submissions probably aren’t as strong as they should be. Knapp’s Chambers Manual is written from the perspective of a legal marketer, so it is easy-to-use and answers the most frequently asked questions. The manual is helpful to existing staff immediately, and over time, and as staff changes, it will institutionalize and preserve a successful rankings process and culture within the firm.

3. Targeted Submission Assistance
Struggling to get that corner-office partner ranked? Or an entire practice group that truly owns the market? We frequently work with in-house staff to address these challenging submissions. We collaborate with the marketer in charge of the submission every step of the way, from our initial strategy session to following up with the researcher. We provide targeted insights and guidance that will best position the attorney or group for a ranking.


Chambers Referees: Valuable for More than Just Rankings

JUNE 16, 2016
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It’s that time of year all legal marketers love to hate: Chambers season!  Editor, Laura Mills recently released three changes to the usual submission process, which we recap here.  In addition, we’ve added a few pointers for a less painful Chambers season….
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2014 Analysis of Chambers USA Rankings for Am Law 200 Firms

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We have just completed our second analysis of Chambers rankings using the 2014 rankings, and this process made us realize just how truly rampant law firm mergers are – more on that later. We used our previous methodology in order to compare (as best we could) apples to apples. We also still stand by the previous…
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“Why am I not listed in Chambers, again?”

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