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Bios & Practice Descriptions

The biographies and practice descriptions on a law firm’s website are the most frequently repurposed materials within a firm. They are also one of the most challenging projects marketing departments undertake, as there are many moving parts on both the project management and writing side that need to be managed. Knapp Marketing has substantial experience in streamlining the process for our clients while providing a superior work product.

Biographies are not only the most visited section of any website, they serve as a basis for the bios that are used in RFPs, firm brochures, published articles, speaker bios and on LinkedIn. We understand how to craft robust biographies that reflect an attorney’s current practice, unique skillsets and differentiating characteristics – all with the goal of connecting with potential clients. Attorney bios also need to reflect the firm’s branding, while sharing a uniform voice and style.

Similar to biographies, practice area descriptions need to reflect a firm’s identity and a common tone. But unlike biographies, practice area descriptions must serve as an umbrella for what is oftentimes a wide variety of sub-practices with different goals and agendas. Knapp Marketing works with firms to determine the key information that needs to be addressed for each practice area and we help firms develop a format that reflects their unique style, business development objectives, and supports their brand.