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Brand Strategy

A brand reflects the essence of a law firm. Knapp Marketing works with law firms to develop a brand that can successfully support future marketing and business development efforts.

Your brand is the foundation of your success. Knowing what your firm stands for is critical – because everyone who interacts with it will have a perception of who you are – what you stand for, what you can offer, and how you are distinguished from your competition. If you don’t take action to define your law firm’s brand, you run the risk of having it defined for you.

That’s where Knapp Marketing comes in. Our process places you in control of the conversation. We begin with an informed discovery process – exploring existing internal and external perceptions of your law firm through stakeholder and client interviews. Because we act as a third party, you get a more authentic set of inputs that shine a light on where you are, and more importantly, where you need to go. We help you uncover insights about your target audiences’ wants and needs, and how your firm can differentiate itself based on those needs.

A competitive analysis helps you understand how competitor law firms are messaging and presenting their services, giving you a better understanding of opportunities to position yourself for potential clients and laterals and create a brand that your firm can readily stand behind.

Through a strong brand lens, we uncover and align overarching business objectives that will inform a solid marketing plan. All of this then gets translated into a brand platform, accurate messaging that highlights primary, secondary and tertiary key points of difference, and a unique position your firm can own.

To find out more about we can help you intelligently and consistently define your brand to prospective and existing clients send us a message via our web-form today.