Linkedin and Blogs for Lawyers

LinkedIn-and-blogs-for-lawyersLinkedIn and Blogs have exploded in popularity over the last few years due in large part to their power to help professionals identify, qualify and engage new clients. In their new book, LinkedIn and Blogs for Lawyers: Building High Value Relationships in a Digital World (Thomson West),  Amy Knapp and Adrian Dayton join forces to create a map for lawyers and law firms to exploit these two powerful tools.

This practical how-to manual is based on the extensive training and coaching that Adrian and Amy have done with attorneys over the past several years.  As you’ll see from the case studies, their clients have experienced considerable success, and in each instance, they adapted these on-line tools to suit their own needs and personalities.

In this book you will learn:

  • How to design a strategic LinkedIn bio
  • How to create meeting and business development opportunities through LinkedIn
  • Success stories from associates to Partners who have used LinkedIn and blogs to bring in six-figure matters.

You will also find out:

  • How to launch a new law blog in just 15 minutes
  • Over 50 ideas for unique blog posts
  • 9 strategies for effectively repurposing your content

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