Website | Pasternak & Fidis

David v. Goliath

Mid-sized but mighty – this firm’s primary competitors are AmLaw 100 firms. They compete and win the business of the Washington area’s wealthiest families and their attorneys are nationally known and recognized. This website powerfully reinforces the firm brand while showcasing attorneys, content and accolades that are second to none.


The emotional appeal of art

This site’s hand-drawn art evokes movement, flow and action to lead the visitor from one panel to another on the homepage. Though it is fresh and gestural, the artwork was created with traditional Japanese brushes and depicts traditional images of heirlooms, protection and safety.

A powerful connection to clients

As trust and estate and family law attorneys, this team knows they need to speak directly to their clients with confidence, insight and empathy. This website is simple to navigate and invites clients in with real language navigation, rather than lawyer-speak or even business speak. Want to read our blog? That’s what we call a helpful resource.