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Meeting a typical law firm brand challenge head-on – and winning.

Until a few decades ago, American law firms were intensely local and deeply rooted in their communities, towns and states. Today, local and regional firms face stiff competition from Am Law 200 competitors that spread like kudzu into mid-size cities in every state. South Carolina is a classic example of this invasion.

The Turner Padget law firm website boldly claims a historic South Carolina firm’s legacy in the context of a clean, modern, forward-looking website. Authenticity without kitsch or cliché is what the younger partners who drove this website asked for, and we were delighted to deliver an award-winning site that did just that.

We hear you, people!

Tired of the usual blah, blah, blah? Want a legal website that actually does something for you? Calculating your life expectancy may sound like a downer, but it’s a very useful tool for clients in the Worker’s Comp practice. Two other calculators provide additional information.