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Our Work


Knapp Marketing designed every level of branding for this up-and-coming alternative legal services provider (ALSP), from the logo and website to the company name itself. Dilijint was one of 50 names that we provided to the client for review. We ultimately decided on this name because it reflects the client’s thoughtful approach to lawyer-led discovery. By opting for an alternative spelling of “diligent,” we’ve arrived at a name that feels modern and slightly tech.

Dilijint’s resulting logo design visually explores the integration of the personal and professional intellectual value of lawyers with the technology that this new company brings. The tapered shapes resemble human figures in order to represent the legal service providers themselves. To add a further dimension of community, the shape of the tagline approximates a social media notification. The logo’s color palette also echoes the feel of a high tech, highly social app.

The mobile-first website leads with Dilijint’s call to action, encouraging visitors to download the whitepaper and learn more about the client’s unique innovation in eDiscovery. Knapp Marketing developed this website for multiple screen sizes, from the smartphone up, while consistently leading with Dilijint’s value proposition no matter how the website is viewed.

Knapp Marketing also designed a series of infographics for the website and whitepaper that break down Dilijint’s call to action in clear terms.

Dilijint’s branding follows the company everywhere it maintains a social media presence with custom created social banners. The subtlety that started with the human figures in the logo continues with banners that resemble talk bubbles, representing the element of communication and connection with the viewer. It’s a visual indicator of conversation that takes the messaging Knapp Marketing designed for the taglines and evolves it to fit any social platform.

Visit the Diligint website.