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Law Blog Best Practices from SCOTUSblog and IPWatchdog

Imagine that you were listed as one of NLJ’s Most Influential Lawyers in America….at age 42….and that while your credentials included arguing 28 cases before the Supreme Court, the NLJ noted that your blog was your “most visible accomplishment.” What …
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Social Media: When to do Everything.

Tuesday, Hubspot hosted one of their periodic social media webinars called “The Science of Timing: When to do everything.” Hubris intended, I wonder? By Hubspot’s report, 22,000 people attended from around the globe, although the timing of “everything” was discussed …
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Social Media: When Lawyers Should Do Everything

This post is a follow-on to yesterday’s coverage of the Hubspot webinar: The Science of Timing:  When to do everything. As we discussed in a previous post, Hubspot spoke to 22,000 entrepreneurial business types with an avid interest in making …
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