Social Media Training

We help lawyers and legal marketers develop the skills and strategies they need to build business through social media.  We provide customized social media training for legal business development to law firms of all sizes.

Social Media On Ramp

Social Media On Ramp takes attorneys from novice to skilled practitioner in three months. Attorneys not only learn to use the most relevant social media platforms, they leave with an understanding of how social media can be used for networking, prospecting and business development.  This program includes one group training and one individual coaching session each month, ensuring that each attorney applies the learnings from that month to their own network and practice.

Social Media On Ramp opens the eyes of attorneys to the power of social media and incorporates case studies, success stories, strategies and concrete tips and tools to make using social media efficient. This mini-boot camp format keeps attorneys interested, motivated and challenged to demonstrate meausrable business development success in a short period of time.

Duration: 3 months

Four Case Studies

This 90-minute presentation profiles four lawyers and law firms who have had significant success utilizing social media for legal business development.  The successful strategies are explained and translated into easily adoptable tips and action steps.   The session concludes with a participant taking two significant steps on-line (live) to improve their on-line visibility and profile.

Duration: 90 minutes

LinkedIn for Lawyers

These 90-minute sessions reveal to attorneys the unlimited possibilities afforded by LinkedIn for business development;  Session 1 is a highly motivational look at four lawyers and law firms who have had significant success utilizing social media and LinkedIn.  This session is concluded with a live demonstration of an attendee improving his profile in real time.  Sessions 2 and 3 are conducted in the firm’s training room and allow for individual profile improvement, strategy development and client targeting.  At the conclusion of the program, attorneys have a completely different understanding of how LinkedIn can be used as a prospecting and relationship development tool through the numerous practical tips and strategies provided.

These trainings can be given as a series or independently, depending on the needs of the audience.

Duration: 1 month or 3 months (extended individual coaching available)