Whether you are looking to secure customer insight, identify best strategies, understand competitors better, reposition and revitalize your brand or build customer loyalty, our research-based approach to marketing consulting puts you in the driver’s seat. We help clients understand what their constituents think and we translate that information into grounded, practical and actionable analysis and plans.

What sets us apart from other research organizations is:

  • Senior, Experienced Staff in All Roles. Not only do our senior, highly experienced staff design your studies and research instruments, they also conduct all qualitative studies to ensure your constituents’ messages come through accurately. When the situation demands it, we have experienced interviewers educated in such specialty areas as medicine, law and finance.
  • Analysis and Action Plans You Can Use. Even when the appropriate research vehicle is an online Zoomerang survey or an Omnibus Study, we provide the analysis and synthesis that turns data into action plans and solutions ready to be implemented.
  • Highly Personalized Service. We do not apply a pre-determined set of research tools to every project, because we honestly believe that each situation is unique. We take the time to understand your organization and needs and then apply the most cost-effective and efficient research method that will achieve your goals. Our clients notice this small-firm difference and tell us they feel listened to, understood and responded to.
  • Solid Grounding in Business Realities. One of the reasons we are able to turn data into actionable plans that meet your real-world goals is our practical experience in the business world. For nearly 20 years, we have prepared and executed marketing plans that have successfully met and exceeded the business development goals of our clients.

We design and conduct qualitative and quantitative surveys. The survey methods we employ — electronic, telephone and in-person surveys and focus groups – deepen our clients’ understanding of the following areas:

  • Brand Development and Evaluation
  • Communications Assessment
  • Customer/Member Satisfaction Measurement
  • Program Evaluation/New Program Development
  • Market Assessment and Segmentation