“Amy and the Knapp Marketing team have been intensely dedicated to our success. Amy’s perspective and experience uniquely equip her to provide consistent, thorough and effective counsel on all aspects of legal marketing and branding. From associate coaching, to elevator speeches to refining client pitches, Amy leaves her competition in the dust. I wholeheartedly recommend Knapp Marketing and will be happy to discuss her contributions to our firm on a confidential basis.”

Jeff Ifrah, Founding Partner
Ifrah Law

“What could be more telling about a successful program than having attorneys vote unanimously to have Amy add another session? The attorneys expected to find the sessions on social media informative but what they didn’t expect was that they would have fun! Amy was able to loosen them up and for those that were skeptical in the beginning, that skepticism disappeared as they started to hear back from contacts to schedule meetings. Because Amy did such an outstanding job, it made me look like a star in the eyes of the attorneys. Amy goes out of her way to conform to the firm’s schedule and when she is with Gilbert, we feel like we are her most important client because she is so focused on helping us.”

Ellen Katkin, Director of Marketing
Gilbert LLP

“Our firm partnered with Amy to build a formalized and structured marketing department from scratch. Amy conducted research into our firm, our markets and our clients and then developed an ambitious, detailed and ultimately achievable long-term marketing plan for us. Over the past two years, I have really valued how Amy invested herself in our success. I have especially appreciated her service, dedication and creativity. Amy is serious student of marketing theory, and she does an excellent job of staying on the cutting edge of current trends; but she is astute enough to understand her clients so well that she knows what will work for them, and what won’t. She been honest and forthright, and I have appreciated her candor and wisdom.”

Nathan Bicks, Marketing Partner
Burch, Porter & Johnson, PLLC

“We hired Aileen to perform an analysis and implement a strategy to our firm’s Chambers submissions. She managed the project admirably, and her insights, approach, and focus during the project resulted in an increased footprint in Chambers.”

Denise Dewling, Marketing Director
Tydings & Rosenberg, LLP

“As we grew from a regional player to an AMLAW 200 firm, [Amy’s] honesty, discernment and legal-industry acumen helped me to develop a mature and effective marketing infrastructure. Amy developed a detailed three-year firm-wide marketing plan that we have used a guide for the past two-plus years. She developed the plan based on solid industry research, a thorough analysis of best practices and industry trends and in-depth interviews with all of our firm leaders. This plan has taken Baker Donelson where we needed to go, and I plan to hire Amy to develop our next three-year plan.”

Laura Hine, CMO (former)
Baker Donelson Bearman Caldwell & Berkowitz, PC

“Amy revealed the central challenges facing us and gave us the clear-eyed and frank assessment of our situation that we needed to move forward. Her speed and responsiveness wowed us, and her analysis was simply invaluable. Then she didn’t just walk away and leave us to figure out how to implement her recommendations. Her hard work and guidance in the marketing implementation are helping us realize our goals.”

C. Lacey Compton, Partner
Compton & Duling, L.C.

“Amy and her team helped us to significantly refine our message, develop a targeted and multifaceted strategy and realize quantifiable success in our marketing. “The customer satisfaction survey that Amy Knapp designed and conducted gave us important insight into the minds of our customers. Amy translated the data into an effective strategy, on-point messaging and a concise and effective implementation plan.”

Mike Wein, CEO
IMS-ExpertServices, Pensacola

“Sometimes it takes an outsider to tell you exactly who you are. Amy didn’t pull any punches and she gave us the insight we needed to take our marketing effort to the next level.”

Howard J. Berlin, Managing Director (former)
Kluger Peretz Kaplan & Berlin, P.L.

“We chose Knapp because we needed in-depth surveys with audiences who are very important to us; those audiences have uniformly high praise for Knapp’s work.
We were pleased with the in-depth thinking and the high-level analysis. We didn’t have to craft the questions… [we just got] just the information we were looking for.”

Christine Poward, COO (former)
Spina Bifida Association, Washington

“Over the past year, my responsibilities have expanded to include supervising our firm’s marketing function. As our regular consultant, Amy’s presentations to the firm and her skills as a legal marketer and a teacher have been invaluable to me. I have grown professionally so much in the last year, and Amy has been instrumental in that growth.”

Jeanette Carrillo
ALA Member and Director of Human Resources (former)
Kluger Peretz Kaplan & Berlin, P.L.

“In the year and a half that she has been a consultant for our firm, Amy has served as supervisor of our marketing team. Her expertise and experience was especially helpful to me because I was new to the legal marketing industry. Amy was instrumental in helping me transition into my role as marketing manager by serving as an educator and resource. Throughout our work together, we have been very accepting and receptive to each other’s skill sets, forging a strong professional partnership that has lead to the creation of cutting-edge, innovative marketing solutions for our firm. I greatly enjoy working with Amy and would recommend her to anyone interested in improving their company’s marketing strategy and overall performance.”

Patricia E. Nuñez
Marketing Manager (former)
Kluger Peretz Kaplan & Berlin, P.L.